What is covered under the Standard Limited Warranty?

Manufacturing defects hindering ordinary functionality of device as intended by the manufacturer.

What is not covered under the Standard Limited Warranty?

Warranty for device will be considered invalid for: (a) defects or damage resulting from accident, misuse, abnormal use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, exposure to liquid, moisture, dampness, sand or dirt, neglect, or unusual physical, electrical or electro mechanical stress; (b) scratches, dents and cosmetic damage, unless caused by the manufacturer; (c) defects or damage resulting from excessive force or use of a metallic object when pressing on a touch screen; (d) equipment that has the serial number or the enhancement data code removed, defaced, damaged, altered or made illegible; (e) ordinary wear and tear, including battery degradation; (f) defects or damage resulting from the use of Product in conjunction or connection with accessories, products, or ancillary/peripheral equipment not furnished or approved by the manufacturer; (g) defects or damage resulting from improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, or adjustment not furnished or approved by manufacturer, including but not limited to installation of unauthorized software and unauthorized root access, both of which shall void this limited warranty; (h) defects or damage resulting from external causes such as collision with an object, fire, flooding, dirt, windstorm, lightning, earthquake, exposure to weather conditions, theft, blown fuse, or improper use of any electrical source; (i) defects or damage resulting from cellular signal reception or transmission, or viruses or other software problems introduced into the Product. This Standard Limited Warranty does not cover any battery if (i) the battery has been charged by a battery charger not specified or approved by the manufacturer for charging the battery; (ii) any of the seals on the battery are broken or show evidence of tampering; or (iii) the battery has been used in equipment other than the manufacturers device for which it is specified.

Speakers.lk Warranty Terms & Conditions

1. Limited warranty for all the electronic accessories are for six (6) months, Beginning from the date of purchase.

Device is eligible for manufacturer defects within the first 7 days of purchase and there after the device will be eligible for software warranty ONLY unless additional hardware warranty is purchased for eligible devices. Apple devices will follow apple care warranty policy once activated.

2. Warranty cannot be transferred to another individual or entity under any circumstances and the warranty will be void if the device is sold or transferred to a third party.

3. Repaired or Replaced Products Will Be Warranted For The Balance Of The Original Warranty Period Only

4. Upon Request From Speakers.lk, The Consumer Must Provide The Purchase Receipt and Warranty Card As The Proof Of Purchase.

5. Any Transportation, Handling And Delivery Charge Incurred To Courier The Products Will be Fully Borne By The Consumer

6. The Consumer Will Not Have Coverage Under This Limited Warranty For the Following Conditions,


a) Defects or Damages Resulting From Accidents,    Misuse, Abnormal Use, Moisture, Water, Sand or Dirt, Negligence.

b) Existing Scratches, Dents and Cosmetic Damages

c) Equipment That Has The Serial Number Removed, Defaced, Damaged or Altered.

d) Where The Original Box and All The Accessories Are Not Present At The Time Of Claiming The Warranty

e) Defects That Occurred From Using The Device With Accessories or Products That Are Not Approved By The Manufacturer.

f) Defect or Damages That Occurred As a Result Of a Natural Disaster such as Wind, Flooding, Lightning, Earthquake.

g) Defects or Damages Caused By Not Using/ Charging the Device That is Specified or Approved By The Manufacturer.

h) Devices with Removable Accessories Such as Smart Watch Straps Will Not Be Eligible For Warranty. Certain charging adapters, cables, handsfree and cases will not be eligible for warranty other than specified.

g) Warranty Will Ve Void If Third Party OS Detected (Apple: Jail Breaking, Android: Custom ROM’s), different region firmware installation, unlocked bootloaders or tampering of the internal storage with unauthorized access.

7. A Device-to-Device replacement shall not be entertained under any circumstances unless the device is detected with manufacture defects within the stipulated first seven days of purchase. The decision by the management will be deemed final in such an event in both circumstances.


8. Refunds will not be processed for change of mind, wrong device purchase or different color purchase, etc. Decisions by the management will be final in such circumstances.

9.Refunds will not be processed for devices with a broken manufacturer seal or tampering of the original manufacturer packaging.

10. Undertaken warranty claims will require a minimum period of 10 – 40 working days for devices with international warranty, including Apple Care warranty. Warranty duration shall vary depending on unforeseen circumstances.

11. Apple care warranty claims should be claimed from Authorized Apple Reseller in Sri Lanka ( Ex : FutureWorld, GENXT). 

Speakers.lk is not liable for Apple care warranty claims nor responsible for courier charges.

12. Devices with water resistance or IPX ratings will not be eligible for claims regarding liquid damage since liquid penetration is possible only in an instance where the user has violated or disregarded the recommended guidelines by the manufacturer or IPX rating provider.


13. Warranty claims for devices with local agent warranty shall be undertaken by their specific service centers in the country as we have no authority over warranty protocols of such devices. Dead on arrival devices are subjected to the same procedures and decisions by the relevant agents shall be final.


*Procedure For Claiming The Warranty*

i) The Consumer Must First Inform Speakers.lk About The Defective Product By Calling Our Hotline or By WhatsApp.

ii) The Consumer Must Then Arrange The Product To Be Delivered Speakers.lk And Should Bear Any Expenses Incurred For The Delivery and Transportation To and From Speakers.lk Back To The Customer.

iii) Once Accepted For Warranty Claims, It Will Take Around 3 to 7 Working Days For Inspection, And It could take up to 10 – 40 Working Days For The Product To be Replaced or Repaired.

By purchasing products from Speakers.lk it will be implied that the customer has agreed to the Terms and Conditions mentioned above.

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